Love Inside The Box


Please don’t explore the outside world. 


You’ll fall in love with someone better than me. Someone who makes you feel more alive. Someone who makes you feel that there’s more to love than me. 


And I don’t want that. I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want you to see the other fishes in the sea because you’re my fish. You’re my catch. And I am afraid that someone else may catch you. Someone who would never let you go. Someone like me only better.




What’s the point of exploring when we’re already home?

11 thoughts on “Love Inside The Box

  1. Why do we stray away from those that we love? It is because we fail to see the good that is already in front of us and become ill-content. We begin to wonder what is on the other side of the fence thinking the grass is greener, when in reality it is just the same as it is on your side. Before considering straying, we need to stop and consider the good we already have and take joy from that. Wonderful post.

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