If You’re Never Going To Start Our Conversations Then This Will Be Our End

Romeo & Juliet

I don’t talk to you anymore.

I don’t send good morning texts to you anymore. Or say hello to you anymore whenever we meet at the hallways of our school. 

I’m tired of carrying conversation. I’m tired of carrying dialogue. I’m tired of writing metaphorical words in my head, rehearsing romantic words in my head, like I’m Romeo, and you’re Juliet, and we’re in a goddamn Shakesperian play till’ we’re dead.

I’m tired. I’m just fucking tired of being the first one to talk these days. And I never knew that I’d ever say this but—I’m fucking tired of us.

Because if you wanted to talk to me—then you would.


7 thoughts on “If You’re Never Going To Start Our Conversations Then This Will Be Our End

  1. I know how you feel am in this situation right now and i feel sad just now but am hoping it will pass soon, i’ve been saying i don’t need someone in my life that doesn’t respect me as i do them, it feels like am worthless.

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  2. There is nothing wrong with going silent and letting them come to you, if you are always the one to initiate conversation.

    I hope they wake up and realize they are losing you before it’s too late!

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  3. urgh I hate this feeling. So many times I’ve had this inflicted upon me and still to this day I let it happen.
    This is a fantastic piece I’m utterly awed by its eloquence frustrations and exhaustion.
    Powerful piece and I wish it could inspire me to give up on my tormentress sadly I don’t like I’m strong enough.
    Regardless this poem is brilliant!


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