Bus Stops For The Broken Hearted

Bus Stops For The Brokenhearted

I am now used to going home with my heart broken. 

Listening to heartbreak songs while waiting for a bus door to go open. 

Teary-eyed but not crying. Holding my breath and not sighing. 

Absorbing back the excess tears from my eyes before the bus conductor goes on charging.

And I wait. And I wait. And I wait. But the tears still won’t stop gushing. 

The bus conductor asks me, “Is everything okay sir?” 

And I answer yes. I am absolutely okay. It’s just tears of joy. 

And I smile at him as I hand him the money telling him to keep the change.

Maybe to buy his wife something sweet. 

Like chocolates or why not. 

And he smiles at me and says, “Thank you, sir.” 

And I genuinely smile on my own for the first time in like forever. 

Because I am still not used to going home with my heart broken. 

And I switch to love songs as I leave the bus from the moment the bus door goes open.

Walking home thinking, I can get used to love songs even though my heart is broken. 


3 thoughts on “Bus Stops For The Broken Hearted

  1. “Because I am still not used to going home with my heart broken” This spoke volumes, I have endured many many teary eyed bus rides in the past few months. It feels new everyday. *Hugs* I rotate between Tool and sad goodbye songs.

    I hope it gets better for you. For us all.☺

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