Crying In The Moonlight

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I want to open up my sadness and vulnerabilities to people. But I can’t be sure of people anymore.

There are only a few people who are open minded these days. There are lots of prejudices. Lots of judgements.

And I wish there’s a better way to cope up with my sadness and vulnerabilities.

But right now. At this very moment. I see the moon is full. And the stars are very visible. And I have my diet coke in a fancy glass while I’m sitting on this fancy white chair.

And I can just cry out all my sadness and vulnerabilities while the night consoles me with its heavenly wonders.


9 thoughts on “Crying In The Moonlight

  1. Follow the path of alpha centauri to orions belt, there afterwards look inwards see if you can find your eternal sadness. Listen to it taste the joy of being sad, you will find its much as the same . Iyak lan, dahil makikita mo ang sarili mo. Serenity will come.

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