world tree

People never die completely. 

Some parts of them remain in this world.

Like a writer’s written book. Or an engineer’s built building. Or a teacher’s living students who he or she taught a decade ago.

It is in these little contributions to this world that people live for one reason alone.

To bring life into this world before they go.


11 thoughts on “Immortals

  1. Lovely. We should all make our mark on this world and if that means our spirit lives on in a book or what something is made is to me simply a beautiful perspective of looking at the soul- a unique and refreshing out look indeed 🙂

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  2. Beautiful reminder. I was just talking to a woman who was grieving for her dead son and she felt like her life was a waste because he died too young. I reminded her that although his life was much too brief , he had spread joy to friends and family, and people remember him even now for that.

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