Sad Days

Toy Truck

There are parts of my childhood days that I miss. The parts where I just played with my toy truck all day. The parts where I just watched all my favorite disney shows all day. Not worrying about the purpose of life or the importance of love. 

And now I am much more mature—and I worry a lot about those things. 

A very sad way to mature. 


12 thoughts on “Sad Days

  1. My mum used to have a fab poem hanging on the back of her toilet door as a daily reminder of “What’s the Use of Worrying” – take a peek and print a copy off as your daily reminder. She gave some great advice my mum and one of her frequent reminders to me was “Worrying is a useless emotion – it doesn’t change what’s happened and doesn’t help what’s going to happen so don’t waste your time”… Still good advice that I remind myself of when I feel the worry starting! – hope it helps…

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  2. Oh, I feel this too. Being a child was good but being an adult is not too bad either. About the maturity part, I am sure we can keep the child inside us alive and sprightly while behaving all tough and serious on the outside. 🙂 Sweet post.

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