When you hold my hand on the way home from work and you tell me you love me—everything feels not quite normal. I feel happy. Yet at the same time—sad. Happy because you love me. And sad because I don’t love me.

The truth is—I don’t know what to feel. I am not used to being loved. I don’t know why someone like you would ever love someone like me. And I feel guilty for not being able to love you the way that you love me.

But I want to be loved. I want you to teach me how to love you. I want you to teach me how to love me. I want you to teach me how to love like it’s a normal thing to feel. That’s why every time you tell me you love me—I tell you I love you.   


52 thoughts on “Mirrors

  1. This is so so beautiful. And it happened to me once, in a very serious way. I couldn’t understand why someone who loved me so much, loved me so much. Because I didn’t love myself enough. Now I do. It happens.

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  2. When you don’t love yourself, you ask your partner too much. She/he can’t give you what you are asking for. You feel sucked in a vacuum and bale out from the relation. At least, this is what happened to me :op
    Good piece

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  3. This is beautiful and true, so accurate. Sometimes we have this certain person who believes in us like no one else does and tells us of our worth with such conviction, you think it’s the greatest truth in the world but then you can’t understand why because you think you’re unworthy. And you want to love him back because you know maybe he’s the only way you’d discover yourself.

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  4. What a lovely post, its sentiments are so realistic and beautiful and I so identify with them. I also really struggle to love myself. My parents were very critical my father telling me I was ugly and my mother telling me I was a terrible person and I think this is why. I am so abusive to myself when I make a mistake drop something or can’t find something, swearing, shouting at myself, it is not a sign of self-love at all. I am so impatient and intolerant with myself, it’s a serious problem.

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    • Loving one’s self is something I try to learn too. And being clinically depressed makes that learning experience a life long experience for me. I can relate with your problems with self-love 🙂 Thank you for sharing your insights 🙂


  5. I still find it hard to believe that a person can love me so much. I still have my moments where I am compelled to sabotage all the good I have in my life. You are loved for something you can’t see in yourself. It must be there because some one else sees it. 🙂 enjoy:)

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