Mommy (A Poem)


Love Your Mothers

I’m sorry, I’m sorry

I’ve caused you to worry

Since the time I was caged inside your tummy


You’ve given birth to me, a creature filled with grief, with fear, with anxiety

That would soon be an outcast to a whole society

Since no colorful soul would ever dare to love a creature like me


I’ve tried to kill myself mommy

Only to discover that I had no blood, no life, in me

Now I know why the villagers never liked me


I am a vampire who craves to be happy

Who craves for blood, for life, to be happy

But I never wanted to harm nor kill society


I’ve always wanted to see the world in daytime mommy

But the sun has always burned me with grief, with fear, with anxiety

And the world at night has always looked so gloomy


But today I should see the world in daytime now, as I don’t want to live forever in solitary

And today is your day really

And I just want you to be happy without me


So I’m sorry, I’m sorry

All I’ve cared for my whole life is Β me, me, me

And there’s a group of villagers outside our house now who are set to burn and kill me


So I’m coming out of the house now mommy

And I guess I’ll see you in our backyard cemetery where you’ll bury me

So I’m sorry if I’ve always been your poison ivy, and I know you’ve always loved me


A big black stake is impaled in my big black heartβ€”it hurts very

“Eeh. Eeh. Eeh.” I cried softly.

Drowning you in an ocean full of tears mommy


34 thoughts on “Mommy (A Poem)

    • Hey Alison. I’m from the Philippines. And have little knowledge about villager life in a real life point of view. I’m really happy that you like this poem πŸ™‚ Thanks


  1. Raw emotion in this one. I think we all seek to fill that empty spot inside us. I want a happy ending for you, so let’s wipe out those villagers who don’t understand and hold on to mommy’s hand, she who gives life.

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