I Want To Take Sleeping Pills Every Night But I Can’t And It Makes Me Pissed

A Sleeping Pill Problem

I’ve been taking sleeping pills for a week now.

And it has been a miracle for me, for my insomnia.

I could sleep early and wake up fresh and happy.


The problem is I’m down to my last one.

And I had no idea these things are limited.

If I knew I could’ve cut these pills in half to make it last for another week or so.


I just need another alternative here.

Hopefully, my psychiatrist prescribes at least 15 pills the next time I see her.

That would be enough for a half dose each night for an entire month.


And hopefully, I could sleep tonight.

29 thoughts on “I Want To Take Sleeping Pills Every Night But I Can’t And It Makes Me Pissed

  1. I have tried a lot of meds for my insomnia. The only thing that works for me is something called Saphris. I believe it is a mood stabilizer. However, I can’t take it the days I have to be up early because it really sedates me.

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  2. i don’t think there are any that don’t create dependencies. over the years i have found the off switch in my brain, a way to dive into sleep. i never drift off unless it’s a nap on the couch. hope you can find some answers.

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  3. I have problems too and nothing works,I have never tried Saphris. The doctor gave me Latuda and I read all kinds of bad stuff about it, and said i’m not taking this. I have tried elavil, lunesta,ambien,trazadone, rameron, reserill, sonata, i can’t even think of all of them. I finally gave up. I was taking xanax, but as you probably know they don’t work long before you need more and more. Right now I am taking klonopin, and vistaril, and it isn’t doing anything.

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  4. Do you play sports? Maybe if you tire yourself with, say, jogging, and then have a cup of warm milk with half tsp of turmeric spice with a bit of honey and sprinkled black pepper…turmeric can really help with sleep problems and it’s a natural remedy.

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  5. Put ‘hypnotherapy relaxation music’ into YouTube – there are recordings that last for several hours that I sometimes listen to with headphones whilst lying in bed if I am unable to sleep – works every time!

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  6. Hi, I know your post about sleeping pills was a comment but I found it very poetic and beautiful in its own reflective way. I hope your sleep problems improve and that you have more refreshed and happy mornings 🙂

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  7. Have you tried the headspace meditation app? I have trouble sleeping and what I started to do was set aside time before bed about half an hour – with no technology just myself. I would wash get ready for bed and then I would use this app for a 10 minute meditation. All toi need is to switch the guy on and he does all the talking. This relaxed my brain and I would fall asleep with the app still running. It really helped me! I think the problem for me was the getting away from technology for before bed!

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    • I’ve tried these sorts of apps but only reading while lying down helps me fall asleep. I know it’s bad for the eyes but it’s the only thing that works for me. And yes technology should definitely be off before bed 🙂 Thanks for the tips!


  8. I’ve picked out a video for you that might help you replace your pills since spirituality in modernity has been replace with psychology, but no psychiatrist will ever tell you to look about your heart because to them the soul doesn’t exist (consciousness). We have been given the gift of guilt as human beings so we know when we are doing something wrong: Please watch from 22:50 when you have time to yourself http://youtu.be/zdAt5-wJYF4

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  9. I have tried all kinds and I have found that the unisom gel capsules work the best for me and the best thing they are not prescription. I have tried many different kinds, including prescription sleeping aides and I found this works the best for me. It has to be the gel tabs. They are fast acting and you don’t feel groggy in the mornings. You wake up feeling refreshed. I, also, don’t have to take them every night but they are there when I need help getting to sleep. Hope you find your balance.

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