Crying Inside My Messy Room (A Poem)

Crying Inside My Messy Room

“My room is not messy.

My mind is.

Maybe I’ve lost it with all this mess.”


I’m afraid I may commit suicide in the future.


41 thoughts on “Crying Inside My Messy Room (A Poem)

  1. My mind is messy, too, and I always think I’m going to commit suicide in the future, but I never do, and neither shall you, because I feel you are a warrior, just like me….so just hang on even when you slip…just fucking hang on.

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  2. I totally get what you are saying. My husband has always said he know how I am doing emotionally by how messy the kitchen counter gets. When my head is befuddled, I look at it and can’t begin to figure out what to do.

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  3. The mess is your blessing in disguise. I have to remind myself of this every day… I know it doesn’t seem like it but it is… Hang in there. And watch the light shine from your darkness…
    We need you with us.

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  4. Yes. Pain sucks. But as the sister of someone who lost the battle to mental illness, I can tell you that suicide is about as messy as it gets. Pain DOES suck but it makes us human. And as someone who as entertained the thought earlier in my life, I can tell you that other things are in store for you. Sending you strength.

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  5. Are you still having thoughts of suicide? There are too many people that read this and didn’t say anything regarding your comment… 1-800-273-TALK … please don’t think there aren’t people ready to help you…you’re a strong person to recognize there may be an issue. So don’t hesitate to call if you’re feeling blah. Have a good Friday

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  6. Don’t. If you did, how am I going to read the poems that are still kept inside of you? I got a messy mind too, messier would be a good word, but they are trying to organize their selves.I just hope they don’t try too hard. Haha.

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