Who Am I?

Where am I going? 

Life's Compass 2


“I was heading south only to find out mid-way that I needed to go north.”


Hi, my name is Juansen Dizon.

I have clinical depression.

Social anxiety.

Bipolar disorder 2.

Obsessive compulsive disorder.


All my life I’ve been misunderstood.

By myself and by others.

By the world.


I am still misunderstood.

But thankfully, now I understand myself.

And I embrace the misunderstandings of others.


Although others may say the phrase ‘to be great is to be misunderstood’.

But isn’t ‘understanding the way to greatness’?

I don’t know.


What I do know now is that I am a writer.

A future novelist. A poet. A blogger.

A champion for the mentally ill.


Previously a tourism student who thought it was his dream to travel the world.

To travel south.

I was so wrong and I knew it from the start.


Now I know where I would like to go, inside my imagination and share it with the world.

To travel north.

And I knew it from the start.


Nothing is going to stop me.

No one is going to stop me.

I’ll travel north forever.


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