Marie (A Poem)


Marie 2

It’s been two years now since we broke up
And it feels like there’s still a small part of me
That still loves you

A small part of me that still believes
In happy endings
In silver linings

It’s been coming back lately, this “belief”
And I don’t usually feel this way
And I’m not the romantic guy

A small fear I have however
Is the day you find true love
The day you get married

It’s the life I’ll never get to experience with you
Because I have bipolar disorder 2, clinical depression, and social anxiety
Because true love is not for psychopaths like me


24 thoughts on “Marie (A Poem)

  1. You are NOT a psychopath. You have a medical condition that affects how you interact with others. You express things – just like ALL artists – through your emotions. Period. Number 1! Numero, Uno. (That’s what a French Professor in French – tried to plant that idea in my head, but it wouldn’t take.)


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  2. With out being mentally ill to stay in love is difficult πŸ˜‰
    People disappoint you very often….and love has a sensitive nature. Best of poets and writers , had bipolar disorder, Virginia Wolff, Anne Sexton, J.K. Rowling, Britney Spears,William Blake, T.S. Eliot, Agatha Christie, F.Scott Fitzerald, VanGogh, Cary Grant , Mark Twain, Walt Whittman, Tennessee Williams, I could go on………So , you have a great potential as a poet.
    This poem is stirringly honest and simple….

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  3. When you find your true love, it won’t matter if one or both are psychopaths. (Even hyperbolic psychopaths).
    True love is not exactly blind. More like myopic. (Maybe a touch of macular degeneration)
    Forget the psyche, concentrate on vision.

    Seek peace,


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