Marie (A Poem)


Marie 2

It’s been two years now since we broke up
And it feels like there’s still a small part of me
That still loves you

A small part of me that still believes
In happy endings
In silver linings

It’s been coming back lately, this “belief”
And I don’t usually feel this way
And I’m not the romantic guy

A small fear I have however
Is the day you find true love
The day you get married

It’s the life I’ll never get to experience with you
Because I have bipolar disorder 2, clinical depression, and social anxiety
Because true love is not for psychopaths like me


24 thoughts on “Marie (A Poem)

  1. Yes, look up the word psychopath. You do yourself a disservice…I’m trying to remember that word you said you couldn’t rhyme. I have a rhyming dictionary. What was it again?

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  2. In a reply to someone you explained that you couldn’t find a fhyme for _____. I thought I might find one in my rhyming dictionary. Do you remember writing that?


  3. You are NOT a psychopath. You have a medical condition that affects how you interact with others. You express things – just like ALL artists – through your emotions. Period. Number 1! Numero, Uno. (That’s what a French Professor in French – tried to plant that idea in my head, but it wouldn’t take.)


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  4. Never give up hope in love! I believe each person has his/her own partner that loves you just the way you are! ❀ You’ll find yours one day that loves and accepts you!

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  5. With out being mentally ill to stay in love is difficult πŸ˜‰
    People disappoint you very often….and love has a sensitive nature. Best of poets and writers , had bipolar disorder, Virginia Wolff, Anne Sexton, J.K. Rowling, Britney Spears,William Blake, T.S. Eliot, Agatha Christie, F.Scott Fitzerald, VanGogh, Cary Grant , Mark Twain, Walt Whittman, Tennessee Williams, I could go on………So , you have a great potential as a poet.
    This poem is stirringly honest and simple….

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  6. When you find your true love, it won’t matter if one or both are psychopaths. (Even hyperbolic psychopaths).
    True love is not exactly blind. More like myopic. (Maybe a touch of macular degeneration)
    Forget the psyche, concentrate on vision.

    Seek peace,


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