Summer and Winter (A Poem About Bipolar Disorder)

Summer and Winter

Summer and Winter

“During the summers I feel alive

Looking down at the waters I go for a dive

Summer is only made to last for awhile

Summer is what makes life worthwhile


As the hot days of summer falls

Sunny flowers starts to wither at fall

As the cold days of winter calls

Blue flowers starts to bloom at fall


During the winters I feel alive

Looking down at the ice I go for a dive

Winter is only made to last for awhile

Winter is what makes life worthwhile”


Story of the day

This poem is based on my mild bipolar disorder and how it affects my life. Since I haven’t been reacting to my anti-depressants for a month, my psychiatrist diagnosed me with mild bipolar disorder since I rarely experience dramatic mood shifts. Anyway, I’m on mood stabilizers now, and it’s making me nauseous, dizzy, and very sleepy.

The first stanza is about the happy phase of bipolar disorder which is consistently January or February (for me) every year and lasts for about a month. This is the time I feel slightly happy and contented and very productive. Like with the seasons, my emotions shifts back to depression, thankful for the little dose of happiness I’ve had.

The second stanza is about the numbness that I feel before I shift back to depression. This year has been easier because I didn’t push my way back into happiness when I felt that numbness. At this moment, I’m ready to return to hermit mode.

The third stanza is about depression itself. It’s painful, yet I have no choice but to dive into that ice of sadness. Although it’s in these moments I find power, without depression, I wouldn’t be as creative as I am today. Being blue made me realize the simple joys in life: I come from a financially stable family, I have the best, best friend in the world, and I have my gifts and talents that I’m happy to share with the world.


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    • Lithium made my feet restless so my psychiatrist said to stop taking Lithium. I do meditate at times. But as of lately, my thoughts haven’t been racing that much. Thank you for your comment. 🙂


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